2. Contribute

2. Contribute

“Every individual in the world has a unique contribution” J. Kornfield
We’re excited you’re interested in contributing. At this point you should have already: - Joined the Discord - Filled out the Welcome Form - Attended a Welcome meeting

1. Recommended read: How to be a DAO contributor

This is a great read to help think about how to approach being a contributor for any DAO in this early stage of development.

  1. Complete the Welcome Journey Activity

Finding where you want to contribute

Just as the quote above says, you bring something unique to our DAO which will be of value. The challenge can be knowing WHERE your unique value is best suited.

For now the best way is to go to meetings, and be present in the Discord.

Reach out to the Team Stewards

If you are feeling disconnected or struggling to find where you fit, please reach out to a Team or Project Steward. We were all new once and want to help you flourish.

Ideally reach out with a thought or observation of what may be needed within the team - or even a check in that you are understanding what the team is doing.

You’ve probably seen the comment on Twitter which says don’t say ‘How can I help’. Try to say ‘Would this help’ instead.

Don’t over commit & ask for help

It is usually very exciting to find a DAO you want to work for and it is easy to take on every job thrown your way. Resist this urge and try to only take on tasks or workstreams you know you will be able to deliver.

We are all volunteers so we don’t want people burning out through overcommitting. We will also grow more effectively if we can depend on each other to deliver what we say we will.

Inevitably we will have times we struggle though, so please ask for help when we need it. There is no ‘boss’ who is going to be checking in on you - welcome to the world of self managed working. 😀


All contributors get connected to Coordinape for token allocation at the end of each epoch they have contributed in (depending on when they join). Find out more about that process here. Once you have received $GIVE tokens for work done, you can exchange them for ‘shares’ within the DAO. You must be a member to be able to do this exchange.

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