Team communication: Discord

Team communication: Discord

Discord is the gaming comms platform co-opted by Web3 communities. It’s not perfect and it can feel overwhelming as there are multiple conversations happening at once. But it’s also a really fun place to hang out and have great, immediate discussions.

Unlike typical organisations we try to discuss as much as possible out in ‘public’ especially anything related to the Treasury or voting. This can feel strange to begin with if you have come from a more ‘political’ corporate background, but being able to say things once and know everyone is getting the same information, is enjoyable once you get used to it.

What do you do once you join the server?

Discord works somewhat like slack. Every organization can have a “server”, their own place to have conversations with community members.

Different conversations happen on different channels. Look around, read the conversation and feel free to pitch in! Want to talk about web3 basics? head over to the #web3-basics channel. All channels are listed on the left panel. At the very top is a ‘channel map’ so you can understand what each channel is for.

Regarding DMs - to prevent receiving scam/spam DMs (usually NFT project related) some servers recommend shutting off your DMs to everyone except ‘friends’. (Do this in the server privacy settings). While we would like to think we do not attract that type of activity due to the non speculative nature of our DAO, you may also want to do this. If someone does want to contact you from within the DAO, they just need to send you a friend request first, so keep an eye on pending invites.

There are so many channels & messages. How do I keep track?

When someone mentions you, you will be notified on your app with a red dot (similar to other social networks). There will also be a red dot 🔴 on the channels where you have been mentioned. Once you open that channel, you will see the messages that need your attention are highlighted.

However, you will NOT be notified if you are not mentioned, but there may still be updates to keep up with or of interest. If you open the app, you will see ‘new unreads’. If you click on that, it will take you to messages that have occurred since you were last on the app.

Our suggestion would be to keep an eye on a few channels you are interested in. You can catch up on the rest through our weekly updates. It’s important to keep an eye on #announcements and #polls-and-proposals in addition to the teams or projects you are involved in